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Thank you for your interest! Please use the following methods for contacting us.

(619) 287-1394
(Please leave message on voice mail.)

We've had to discontinue our toll-free number as pranksters made this into an avenue to cost us a lot of money. (Sorry! Bad apples, and all that......we also no longer a fax option.)

Our voice mail is essentially our receptionist. If we hired a human receptionist, we'd have to raise the cost of our products to cover that salary expense along with workers comp ins. etc., so we assume you won't mind the digital secretary! :) We are often/usually in time-sensitive production (stirring/pouring soap) and cannot leave the task to answer the phone, or the soap batch will be ruined. With your message please leave a spelled-out email address so if it is late your time (we're Pacific Time) we can email you rather than call you back too late and interupt your evening. Thanks!

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