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Simply Soap A California Old World HAndcrafted Soap Co. handmade soap handcrafted soap Carol Ochs

handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs soap in hand handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs


Let us introduce you to Old World style artisan, handmade soap.....Simply Soap!

handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs wholesale retail logs bulk

Company Vision (<-click)


Simply Soap officially began business in 1994, as a simple idea, in a simple kitchen, by a simple gal frustrated with her own sensitive skin issues. With a nursing and gardening background, her idea was...Let's nix 'modern' products, and go back to early, uncomplicated methods of making soap, but with some improvements! Let's make soap as free of fillers, animal fat, residue & chemicals as possible, and let simple pure ingredients nourish skin & senses as they were *meant to* .....just true vegetable/fruit oil soap! And perhaps a wee bit of artistic flair! And of course, no animal testing. Hence our trademarked name, "Simply Soap". We delight in our ability to personally & knowledgeably select each and every oil, herb and botanical ingredient to stir into our premium handmade soaps! Clearly a simple soap idea caught on with many of you, too! That simple gal KNEW she was not alone in her quest for simplicity!


Twenty years since our simple beginnings, we're still making Simply Soap for you...

.....albeit we outgrew the kitchen and moved into a workshop.


Carol Ochs making soap handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs

Oils/ingredients measured.
Melted oils and sodium hydroxide solution mixed.
Raw soap poured into molds.
Cured/cut/trimmed/labeled soap packed for an order to ship-out.


We started with a small range of just 10 premium handmade soaps. It wasn't long before our newfound customer base on the then-burgeoning internet began asking for specific scents, or special needs soaps. It can truly be said that we've grown based on customer feedback and requests...we listen to you! We now offer dozens of varieties including several unique specialty lines you'll not find anywhere else! One thing has never changed......we keep ingredients simple, and the best we can possibly find! We're a bit bigger now but the most important ingredient we STILL add to every bar is the love for what we do!

Come explore our offerings! Feel the incredibly skin-nourishing difference naturally-made soap can make in your bathing! If you're taking showers or baths just to get clean, you're missing an exquisite experience for the enjoying!

Treat yourself! Treat your loved ones! Introduce your customers to affordable natural luxury!


Thanks for your interest!


handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochshandmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochshandmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs

Retailers & Vendors, Fellow-Artists, Fellow-soapmakers!

We'd love to work with you!

Most companies become known for how they brand themselves with a certain catch-phrase, theme or style. We have become known for not following that business protocol and NOT branding with any one special schtick, as is reflected in the many specialty lines of soaps we've developed over the years, meeting customer needs & requests! And this has opened a world of doors for us! We derive as much pleasure and sense of purpose to be creating product for cancer patients with extremely delicate chemo skin, to teenagers seeking fun and fabulous bath soaps, to high-end gift shops & salons, special herbal intentions, and every skin type and gift need you can imagine. We are the soapmaker behind many, many unique private label brand soaps in some of your favorite soap shoppes and boutiques today!

What's on display at your store, website, boutique, spa, B&B, faire or vendor booth?  A basket of ready-to-grab bars at the cash register? Our soap is affordable luxury anyone can indulge in, even in a challenging economy! A scent for every mood.....a soap for every skin type! We design & private label custom soaps as well--a soap line "just for your store's/company's image"! Read some of our testimonials!

LINKS: Wholesale Info - Wholesale FAQ's

handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs goatmilk oats shea butter soap

(Our ultimate luxury bar...50% shea butter/50% olive oil, with goatmilk & ground oats - Goatmeal Butter Bar)


Order soap as: half-size or full-size bars, 12-bar logs, Rustic Collection wedges, 11# bulk chunks (cuts into 3 logs or 36 bars), art-labeled soap and gifts!

LavLovPkg.jpg (238947 bytes)

Contact us with ANY questions, or drop us a line to let us know how you like the soap! 

~Carol Ochs, Owner

(Who you can learn more about HERE.)



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Rustic Soap Collection

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Wylde Mermaid Soaps

Wylde Mermaid Soap Collection Simply Soap Carol Ochs

Wylde Wytch Soaps

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