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Soap Reviews:

Enjoy this amusing review of our soap from a man's perspective.....

"There's a Man In My Shower!"

by The Soap Bar

And a follow-up to that review was this:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Racing Motorcycle Ultimate Fighter Soap

Carol Ochs of Simply Soap outdid herself this time!  My husband wrote an excellent soap review on her Wylde Jasmine Orange Blossom Faerie soap, but as far as Brad was concerned, it should have been called Orange Racing Motorcycle Ultimate Fighter Soap.  Apparently, the soap was too cool for its given name.

I am guessing that Carol was so happy with his review that she sent us more of the same soap. She changed the name on this package for Brad, wrapped the bar in denim and decorated the package with boxing gloves, a screw and a helmet.  Finally the soap came in a handmade jute pouch. Very manly!

Brad took a shower with the soap last night and announced to me, "Yep, that's the stuff!"

Carol, you are very talented.  And funny.  We wish you the best and hope you sell oodles of the Orange Racing Motorcycle Ultimate Fighter soap.


And this review also by The Soap Bar:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Review: Simply Soap

I was so pleasantly surprised when Carol Ochs of Simply Soap sent me these. Can you believe how beautiful it all is? The packaging is great. Simple. Colorful. The paper was so well printed I even squinted to see pixels or something, but it was seamless and the artwork was so nicely done.

Three bars from the Wild Faerie Soap Collection
Two triangle hunks from the Rustic Soap Collection

Rustic wedge-chunk soaps are cut into large triangle chunks - made in the tradition of Old European soapmaking....100% natural, and made with 100% Certified Organic virgin African shea butter! Notice that this block is made of 2 large triangles.

I have been using the Wylde Jasmine & Orange Blossom Faerie Soap for the last few days and the overall experience has been lovely. The soap itself is stunning to look at, but when I take the paper of rub it on in the wetness of my shower, it performs like a trooper. Scent was balanced, sweet and soft like the outdoors and the lather was what you'd expect from a soap that has come from a woman making soaps since 1994. That is a long darn time ago.

The soap is a dream.

She also makes artwork (Wild Oaks Art) which is used on the soap wraps and sent my daughter a bookmark with this image on it. Nina flipped! "Oh, mommy, she is so beautiful! This is for me??" My daughter reads about a novel or more per week and the bookmark is constantly found throughout the house where she has been reading.

Thank you, Carol, for a truly wonderful soapy experience!!

International Press.....




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Beauty Buzz Review

 Below are a few of the responses we've received from customers who offer feedback.  We welcome your feedback as well, positive or negative, so we can continuously improve!  THANKS!

Hello, my name is Stephanie, I had ordered some of your wonderful soap and received it today and I love it as always!!!! I had tried a few from a local shop that also hand makes their soap and their soap doesn't compare to yours!! I will never venture to another soap maker again! I love your soap, I order a few and tend to hoard them because they smell so wonderful, but when I do use them   they make my skin feel and smell wonderful! You are so great at what you do and   I appreciate your craft. Thank you!!!        Stephanie Z


From retail customer Stephanie Edwards of Monroe, GA:

Ok, thank you! I've tucked all but 1 bar away in drawers but I had to give one a try right away. I used the rose petal one and it was AMAZING! The scent was fabulous and I could not believe how soft my skin was after one use. I have both oily and dry skin on my face so sometimes its hard to find face wash for that doesn't either dry it out or make it feel oily. I washed my face with your soap and it was amazing how well it worked. My skin afterwards was soft and neither oily and dry. I wish I'd found your site years ago!

From wholesale customers Lynn and Catherine Wagner (sisters) in Los Angeles, CA:

"We've used a lot of handmade soaps over the years since they've become so popular, both personally as well as selling them in our bath and skin care boutique, and we can honestly say that your soap is superlative, it's the best we've used!  So many handmade soaps seem to hardly lather-up, the scents can be weak or non-existent, and customers have complained that "other soaps" got very gushy in a soap dish.  We have none of those problems with your soap!  The lather is so quick, fluffy and rich on the skin.  The scents remain strong and long! It's just a delight to use them and to look forward to using them the next time.  Many of our clients are celebrities with very discriminating and high-end taste and they rave about your soaps too.  Thanks so much for making such a great product and we look forward to a long business relationship."

From wholesale customer Iris Smith-Peters in Hartford,CT:

"I don't usually bookmark websites much because I rarely go back to them, and they just clutter up my Favorite Places.  But I find myself re-visiting your site often, it's so pretty and I love seeing what new or seasonal merchandise you've dreamed-up next.  You make soap exciting!  Your wide variety of selections gives me a lot to choose from to rotate into my stock here at the store which keeps things interesting for my retail customers, WITHOUT me having to hunt down new vendors all the time.  This makes my life a lot easier as as buyer/store owner!  Thanks and keep up the great and creative work!  I look forward to my Simply Soap bath each night, too!  Please include me in your testimonials webpage.  I'll be a wholesale customer for a long time."

 From wholesale customer Cathy Collins in Chicago, IL:

"My customers and I am LOVING your soaps!   I can't keep them on the shelf.  They really live up to your decription of performing as well as looking good.  We've tried carrying a lot of pretty soaps, but not many leave the skin feeling as good as your's does.  You've got yourself a regular customer(s)."

From wholesale customer Diane Atkins, Dallas, TX:

"Carol, your soaps arrived today and I must say, as much as I learned about handmade soap and enjoyed looking at them on your website, seeing the real thing is much better!  The colors are so gorgeous and the scents even better than your site descriptions, which by the way we found most alluring and often amusing. Your website and product stands way out from the rest.  And your service has been excellent.  I can tell you really love what you do and I like that in suppliers I choose."

From wholesale customer Richard Elario, New York, New York:

"Simply Soap, you're simply the best!   We tried every one of your soaps before marketing them in the shop and still can't decide which will end up our favorites, so we're still offering ALL of them and looking forward to the holiday line.  They lather really well, something we've had problems with, with other soap lines, they smell and look terrific, they last long, and Gee, they're actually good for our skin!  What more could we ask for or want to offer our customers?  We already have repeat customers asking for more!   Thanks again for your great product and courteous service; you're a pleasure to work with and we appreciate you sharing your knowledge of soaps.  We're passing on this information to our customers."

From wholesale customer Ian Edwards in Los Angeles, CA:

"Carol, the soaps are a hit!  Thanks for all of your help on such a short-notice order.  I'm really impressed with how you turned our ideas for design and scent into a soap line that turned out better than we even imagined it would be!  Kudos to you!  We'll be referring lots of work!"

 From wholesale customer Robert Town in Brentwood, CA:

"Dear Simply Soap, To be honest, when I first found your website while surfing for products for my new shop, I was working on a really tight timeline, had NO products yet, and just needed to get stuff on the shelves fast.  I really wasn't putting a lot of thought into my overall product or company "message."  Your site had a lot of information on it and I didn't take the time to read any of it initially.  I just ordered.  But when I got my order and saw how well it did with customers, I tried it too and really liked it a lot.    I re-visited your site to re-order and took time to read all of your great info.  It really gave me new insight into the soapmaking industry and inspired me to focus more on natural products in my store.  This has become very successful for me and the centerpiece of my product lines remains your soap.  The time you take to educate on your products makes a big difference, and it has now too for me with my customers.    Thanks for the great products and website info.!"   

From wholesale customer Evana Dillinger, Aspen, CO:

"Carol, Received my order today and this stuff is GREAT!  I know you said you were tinkering with the recipe again, but DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!  This couldn't possibly get better!  I'm a handmade soap junkie and have ordered from a LOT of companies, but your soap is really special!  You're definitely who I want to go with for designing our signature line for the company.  I talked with my partner today and she raced over to try it and is as jazzed as I am, and you know how finicky SHE is!.  We're ready to finalize our plans and get the order put together.  Thanks too, for all of your great ideas for personalizing our line!"

From retail customer Howard Menchem in Orlando, FL:

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciated you taking so much time with me on the phone and explaining to me about different soaps.  I didn't realize how many unhealthy ingredients were in most store soaps.  I'm sure that's been part of my problem with my skin because ever since I started using your soap I've had no problems at al!.  For me, that is really something.  Your unscented soap Bar None works the best for me.  I've had skin rashes and itchiness as long as I can remember and I nearly went broke buying prescription cleaners that my insurance did not cover.  And then, they didn't even work!  I'm so relieved to find an answer that works.  Thanks again and I'll try not to ask so many questions next time, but you were very kind and patient with me."    

From retail customer Hollie Waters in Madison, WI:

"I just had to write and tell you how great the baby soap has been for our newborn, Allie!  In fact my husband and I love it so much that we're using it too!  I'll be ordering again soon and am already planning on ordering bulk for Christmas gifts!  This soap will be perfect for all of our family and friends.  Thanks for such a great product and all the great soap info.!"

From retail customer Jodie Pannikan in Portland, OR:

"Carol,  Got my order of summer soaps from your new brochure and OH MY GOD!  My friend Darcie and I went totally bonkers over them!  Remember I told you we've been talking about starting a little business with personal care products?  Well, these soaps have pushed us over the edge.  We're going for it!  If everyone else loves these soaps as much as we do, we'll be selling them like hotcakes.  I hope you can keep up with the workload!   By the way, my house smells so wonderful from all this soap, I have neighbors coming up just to ask what the great smell is! Potential customers!" 

From retail customer Anna Lawrence in Newport RI:

Dear Simply Soap, I was recently a recipient of some of your soap that a friend gave to me for my 42nd birthday.  It was the best gift I received besides the fact that I was able to celebrate another birthday.  I am a lymphoma cancer patient and am undergoing chemotherapy.  I don't know what is worse, the cancer or the treatment?  Chemotherapy has made my skin so thin and sensitive, it feels like it could bruise just from looking at it.  Your soap (I was given Bar None and Ooh! Baby!) has been so mild on my skin that I can look forward to bathing again without getting all dried out and stinging from most regular soaps.   You have a very good product and I really appreciate it.  You should sell it to hospitals to use on their patients.  That would make a lot of people very comfortable.  Thank you."

From retail customer Iris Howard in Atlanta, GA:

"Dear Carol, I just wanted to e-mail to say 'thank you' for your fast response to my problem with my order.  I guess I didn't realize that the Sunrise Sauna had the loofah in it, but as I read the label, it clearly says it's in there. My eyes are getting old!  My skin is very sensitive and doesn't need any exfoliation.  Thank you for replacing the bars with the Fresh Squeezed.   I gave some to my sister too for her birthday with some Bar None and she is enjoying both bars.  She has excema and this soap works very well for her.  I'm sure she'll be a new customer for you too."




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