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      Take FlightOut of her ShellLast rays of fire fairy beach art Carol OchsCapturedCarol Ochs green fairy art

Bewitching Fantasy Art, Illustration & More by San Diego Artist, Carol Ochs.....

" The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."
- W.B. Yeats an enchanted bastion of fantasy, mermaid, fairy, dragon & witch art, with whimsical gifts inspired by the magical imaginings of Carol Ochs! (<-like "Oaks")

Come scamper among our oaks--legendary portals to the faery realm!  Kick up some leaves, or daydream a spell on a toadstool!  Here you'll meet a growing gathering of real & mythical spirits, and other quixotic creatures you first met as a child!  We invite you to where romance and imagination dwell!  Capture some magic & drink it in like a visual elixir, to perhaps save your very soul!  Choose a treasure or two to keep magick alive-and-well in your own realm or circle of gift-giving! 

C'mon! Let's PLAY!! 

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Into The Wild Oaks

Into the wild oaks we dance,
To sing and play and find romance,
For in oak limbs the fae folk play,
And beckon us back the following day.

Scented of nectar and twilight's mist,
Surely you felt that faery's kiss!
What? You can't see them prancing wild?
Then sadly, you've lost your eyes-of-a-child.

Come BACK AGAIN, to the wild oaks,
But first shed your worldly skin,
With faerie dust sparkles, your eyelids we'll kiss,
To the let the fae back in!

- by Carol Ochs

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