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Dear Customers, Retail and Wholesale alike: A wee reminder! From here on out through the end of the year, our lead times lengthen due to the surge of autumn & holiday season soap & art orders placed for coming Octoberfests, harvest festivals, faires, Halloween celebrations, and Christmas gift-giving/ store displays. If you have specific need-by dates, please *order early* so I can accommodate! Here's a link to our Holiday Soaps for this season: 
THANKS! ~Carol

WE WILL BE CLOSED Dec. 6th through Jan. 5, 2015. This gives us time to fulfill existing orders at that time and still do our own holiday prepping. 

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Fairy Garden Hand Spun Hand Knit Boho Shawl or Scarf in Purple, Lavender, Green with Ribbons and Silk FlowersForest Fairy Handspun Handknit Boho Shawl, Needle-Felted & Silk Flowers, Sari Silk, Greens, Includes Wooden Shawl Stick

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Simply Soap® & Wild Oaks Art present.....


A product review by The Soap Bar:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Review: Simply Soap

I was so pleasantly surprised when Carol Ochs of Simply Soap sent me these. Can you believe how beautiful it all is? The packaging is great. Simple. Colorful. The paper was so well printed I even squinted to see pixels or something, but it was seamless and the artwork was so nicely done.

Three bars from the Wild Faerie Soap Collection
Two triangle hunks from the Rustic Soap Collection

Rustic wedge-chunk soaps are cut into large triangle chunks - made in the tradition of Old European soapmaking....100% natural, and made with 100% Certified Organic virgin African shea butter! Notice that this block is made of 2 large triangles.

I have been using the Wylde Jasmine & Orange Blossom Faerie Soap for the last few days and the overall experience has been lovely. The soap itself is stunning to look at, but when I take the paper off, rub it on in the wetness of my shower, it performs like a trooper. Scent was balanced, sweet and soft like the outdoors and the lather was what you'd expect from a soap that has come from a woman making soaps since 1994. That is a long darn time ago.

The soap is a dream.

She also makes artwork (Wild Oaks Art) which is used on the soap wraps and sent my daughter a bookmark with this image on it. Nina flipped! "Oh, mommy, she is so beautiful! This is for me??" My daughter reads about a novel or more per week and the bookmark is constantly found throughout the house where she has been reading.

Thank you, Carol, for a truly wonderful soapy experience!!


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There's A Man In My Shower!


And a follow-up to that review.....

Racing Motorcycle Ultimate Fighter Soap


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